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Quality Control

Most of the Chinese suppliers want to be paid before shipment. Therefore it is very important to check the quality of your goods before paying the balance of your orders.

We send an expert to control your products in your suppliers’ factories, to make sure the quality fits the requirement. We write and send you a report 24 hours after the control, with pictures and comments. It allows to avoid nasty surprises on arrival and contentions with suppliers.


China has a very wide range of suppliers; amongst whom qualities and prices vary a lot.
Identifying the suppliers that fit your needs and requirement based on your projects is paramount.

Vimex has a wide network of suppliers and a great knowledge of the manufacturing industry in China and help you to find cheap and professional suppliers and send the first quotations to let you choose the appropriate factories.

Audit Factory

You have selected suppliers found on the internet or met in an international trade fair, but you would like to check the working methods and the quality of production ? Vimex can send for you an expert to visit the factories to help take good decisions. We write and send you a report 24 hours after the audit, with pictures and comments. We give you our opinion to make you benefit from our experience of manufacturing industry in China.

Purchase office

Vimex take care for you of the entire purchase process, as if you had your own purchase office in China. Therefore you have a organization on the field, selecting for you the best suppliers, source your goods, develop your products at the best price and make sure the production process is going smoothly.

Vimex also controls your goods before shipment and ships them to you. In case of problem Vimex manage the service of sale service. Thus you can focus on the sales and the marketing activity of your company.

Benefit from our expertise