What is a sourcing company ?

The job of a sourcing company is to help you buy your manufactured goods in a foreign country.
Thus, you can enjoy its knowledge of international business and of the country your want to purchase your goods in.

What is the point to buy with a sourcing company, and not directly from the factory?

In the face of it, to buy with an agent rather than directly to the factory could appear as a waste of money. But the truth is a bit more complicated than that:

First of all a sourcing company has an important suppliers network with whom it maintains close relations, so it can negotiate better prices that you would obtain alone.

In addition to that, the agent knows the realities of the country and understands how the production works. That ensures you to obtain the products you are searching for. In addition to that the company is on the field, so it can regularly go on site to control the quality of the production and of goods, as well as the reliability of suppliers before to start productions.

As a result you avoid most of a the problem and additional cost.
Last but the least, in case of dispute, having a presence in China is the only way to be in the right.

Chinese products have the reputation to be bad quality, is that true?

The Chinese products quality depends mostly on the buyer. Indeed, some of them have as only objective cost reductions and will look for the cheaper supplier possible. They will push the supplier to decrease its costs and its lead times.

But there are many kinds of suppliers in China, in terms of size, quality of production and price. it is our job to help you find the appropriate suppliers that match your quality requirements.

I have heard that China is more and more expensive, is it cheaper to buy in other Asian countries?

India and Bangladesh are big competitors of China for sourcing, and we heard a lot about southeast Asia lately. It is a fact that cost production rose, due to the country development and the increase of the workforce cost. Nevertheless China is still the “world factory”, and is still often the cheapest option to manufacture your products. Because China has very good infrastructures,
automated factory, and most of all has a big experience of western markets.

The best country to source your goods depends of course on the type of products, but also on quantities and quality expectations. A good sourcing company should be able to tell you if your demand does not fit the country.

How do I know the quality will reach my expectations?

We are here to make sure the products match the quality you expected. We send you samples before starting the production to verify if products are consistent with what you wanted.

In addition to that we regularly control the production in factories to check that goods still match your specifications.

How can I be sure my products will have standards in effect in my country?

If your products need a certain norm or standard, we find you suppliers that already have these certifications and that are used to export, to avoid potential problems at the customs.

Do I have to buy a full container to buy in China?

Logistics companies have LCL (Less than Container Load) solutions or consolidation service: that permits to consol with other shippers’ cargo, which volume is less than a full container.

In other words, you can share containers to optimize the shipping costs. Thus even with small quantities, it is still very cheap!

I am not used to import export, how am I going to manage the logistic part to get my goods?

Vimex is taking care for you of the logistic aspects with international forwarder agents. clearing the borders in China, sea freight, insurance, customs and taxes in Europe etc. Vimex is gathering all the services. We can organize transportation all the way to your warehouse if necessary.

Can I come and visit the factories of my suppliers ?

We recommend to our customer to come and meet the suppliers in China. in our experience it facilitates and accelerates negotiations and the projects lead time. Vimex’s team is able to assist you in English, we organize the trip for you and make the translation during the visits and meetings.

How can I be sure my suppliers' working conditions are good and that no children works in the factories?

China is suffering from its neighbors’s reputation, but regulation in working condition in China are much more strict than we think, and controls in factories are more and more frequent. However, we always visit factories to check the working conditions on the field before we decide to work with a new supplier.

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